What I do

I do a lot, so this text can never be complete, but I’ll give you an idea of the sort of thing I am able to do :-)

I tell stories to children, adults, real adults, tall people, small people, giants, dwarfs, old men and young women, old women and young men...well, anyone who asks me.

I tell stories in classrooms, theatres, forests, cafés, zoos, ruins, cellars...well, anywhere I'm asked to.

I tell stories about heroes and cowards, about monsters and princesses, humans and animals, courageous ants and fearful bears...well, about anyone and anything I'm asked to.

I tell tales and myths, legends and sagas, everyday life anecdotes and big lies, comedies and tragedies, from Tanzania to Japan, from Canada to Lithuania, from Malta to Taiwan, from Sidney and Dublin and Caracas and even Palma de Mallorca, well, from anywhere I'm asked to.

So, ask me!

About my storytelling programs, about my offer, about conditions.

Take a look at my projects and my references so that you can come up with your own project with me.

I'm also passionate about readings, audiobook recording, every kind of theatre play and improvisation and, especially, multidisciplinary artistic work.

Or: need my help? Ask me to support you in your theatre project within a class or other group. I can guide the different phases of your creation.

Furthermore, you can book me for storytelling or theatre workshops, as well as advanced courses for teachers and educators.